Basic Tactics For Listening (Second Edition)

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Basic Tactics for Listening is the first level of the Tactics for Listening series. It is intended for student who have studied English previously but need further practice in understanding simple conversational language. It contains 24 units. It can be used as the main text for a listening course, as a complementary text in a converstaion course, or as the basis for a language laboratory course. Each unit features a topic that relates to the everyday life and experience of a dults and young adults. The topics have been chosen for their frequency in conversation and their interest to learners. A wide variety of stimulating and useful activities are included to give students graded practice in listening.

Scope and sequence


Unit 1: name and titles

Unit 2: describing people

Unit 3: clothes

Unit 4: time

Unit 5: dates

Unit 6: jobs

Unit 7: sports and exercise

Unit 8: locations

Unit 9: the family

Unit 10: entertainment

Unit 11: prices

Unit 12: restaurants

Unit 13: small talk

Unit 14: vacations

Unit 15: apartment living

Unit 16: movies

Unit 17: the weather

Unit 18: shopping

Unit 19: using the telepphone

Unit 20: describing things

Unit 21: desctions

Unit 22: people we know

Unit 23: plces

Unit 24: health.

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