Insanity Asylum Workout - Những Bài Tập Thể Lực Để Có Thân Hình Cường Tráng

Insanity Asylum Workout - Những Bài Tập Thể Lực Để Có Thân Hình Cường Tráng

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INSANITY had eight DVDs to help you with tone and condition your body, whereas INSANITY: The ASYLUM only has six — and where INSANITY delivers results in 60 days, the Asylum workout guarantees them in just 30.

This fact alone should be an indication that this sports-training workout is not for the faint-of-heart. In fact, it’s not for anyone with a beginner fitness level. The Shaun T INSANITY ASYLUM workout is really only for those individuals who have already built up the stamina and endurance needed to endure the month-long intensity that will get you toned and ripped.

The six DVD’s in the INSANITY ASYLUM program are made up of speed and agility, vertical plyometrics, flexibility training, resistance training, cross-training, and core strengthening exercises. Let’s look at them one by one…

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #1: Speed and Agility

This is an intense cardiovascular workout that will get you on your feet fast. Using the agility ladder and speed rope, the fast moves will definitely push your body to the limits. The workout lasts for 45 minutes, and you will run and skip and jump like you never have before.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #2: Vertical Plyo

Vertical plyometrics are the theme in this 40-minute session. Using the agility ladder, speed rope and power bands, the idea here is (in the words of Shaun T), “go down before you go up.” This ASYLUM DVD gives your legs and entire lower body an ultra-intense workout so you can jump higher than ever before.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #3: Relief

The shortest of the 6 INSANITY ASYLUM DVD’s in terms of duration, this 25 minute flexibility exercise routine enables you to lengthen your muscles and increase your range of motion by stretching. Breathing is key here — don’t forget to breathe during the stretching routines!

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #4: Strength

This 50-minute regimen makes use of dumbbells or a resistance band as well as a chin up bar, and takes resistance training to a whole new level. Push ups, pull ups, lunges and chin ups are made even more intense with the routines in this DVD.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #5: Game Day

This is an hour-long workout that encourages you to “keep moving.” It’s a cross-training workout that seeks to put your newly found sports skills to the test. If you want tough, this is the gold mine, baby!

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #6: Back to Core

The 45 minute core strengthening workout develops your abs, glutes and hamstrings. Since almost all movement emanates from the core, these exercises will help you ensure that you have one that’s stable and rock-solid. At the end of this workout, you’ll develop the explosive power and tremendous strength possessed by most professional athletes.

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #7: Athletic Performance Assessment

Discover the improvements you’ve made in your fitness and skills with this performance measurement tool

INSANITY: The ASYLUM Workout DVD #8: Overtime Workout

Add this 15 minute monster to any ASYLUM workout out to see if you’ve still got game.

The INSANITY ASYLUM Workouts – Final Words

As you may have noticed by reading this overview or our full-blown INSANITY ASYLUM review, this workout is by no means easy. Rather, they challenge you every step of the way. When you are able to pass this 30-day madness, however, you are guaranteed to be stronger, fitter and healthier. Just like an athlete in his or her prime, you’re guaranteed to be in the best shape of your life!


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