Happy Street 2: Teacher's Book (9780194338431)

Happy Street 2: Teacher's Book (9780194338431)

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English level: Beginner

Ages: 7 years and over

A first English course for children who are ready for reading and writing.

Key features

Happy Street can be used after an oral/aural course such as Happy House, or as a first English course which includes reading and writing from the beginning.

The characters from Happy House, Polly and Jack, take young learners outside the context of the house and help them to explore the neighbourhood.

The lively songs and chants have a contemporary feel which add to pupils' enjoyment of the course.
It introduces children to different types of reading text. Speech bubble stories give children the opportunity of acting out the text; 'Colin in Computerland' provides revision and language presentation through an exciting adventure story; and the 'Extended reading' sections include topic-based information, rhymes, and jokes.

Writing skills are systematically built up. Level 1 focuses on writing at a word and sentence level, so that by Level 2 children can express themselves in mini- paragraphs.

Pair work activities and games provide lots of regular speaking practice.

The Happy Alphabet Book teaches children the Roman alphabet.

Contents: seven main units and one short unit (Level 1); six main units (Level 2) attractive and colourful illustrations to support language presentation closely integrated activity pages fun stickers to help children keep a record of their learning (Level 1 only)


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21.5 x 27.5 cm
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400 gr

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