Stardust 1: Teacher's Book (9780194303552)

Stardust 1: Teacher's Book (9780194303552)

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Stardust 1 - A fun narrative context and loveable characters guide children through a series of topics.

Stardust 2 and 3 - Children build on their existing language skills and develop the spoken and written skills needed for simple communication activities.

Stardust 4 and 5 - A dynamic approach appeals to the needs and interests of ten to twelve year olds, and creates a solid base for their Secondary studies.

Who is it for?

Primary teachers in private and state schools with 2-3 teaching hours a week.

Key features

Stardust 1: Language is introduced through songs and practised in stories.

Resources include a puppet, flashcards, wordcards, and photocopiable materials.

A photo documentary provides information about British children and their lives.

Activity Books allow you to introduce reading and writing skills.

Stardust 2 and 3: Plentiful teacher's material means that every class can be different, and exactly tailored to children's needs.

An imaginative storyline, superb artwork, and lots of humour stimulate children's creativity.
Comic-strip reading texts with activities are a motivating way to recycle new language.

Stardust 4 and 5: Extended texts including comic-strips, photo stories, and cross-curricular readings provide a rich language input.

Carefully graded reading and writing tasks encourage children to produce a range of short texts.
A range of evaluation material enables both the teacher and the children to monitor their progress


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